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Emotions & affects (english)

Emotions & affects (english)
According to Chinese medicine causes of illness can be classified into three groups: external causes, internal causes and causes that are neither internal nor external.

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The external causes are the six environmental excesses. The internal causes are the seven affects or seven passions. These affects or passions are the main subject of this text and are namely joy, anger, thought, anxiety, sorrow, fear and fright. Actually, we think that the majority of chronic illnesses in western countries are internal (caused by the seven affects), and aggravated by inadequate nutrition facts and dietary aberrations. Yes, we believe that having intense or too long lasting emotions can be a direct cause of illness, and we want to give Chinese medicine students the perspective to understand the pathomechanisms involved through which this simple equation occurs.


When an emotion is too intense or too long lasting, it can become a source of internal illness. Consequently, the intensive emotions and certain mental activities can damage the yīn and the yáng, the , the blood and, eventually, the internal organs. This happens because all the emotions have a determinant effect on the mechanism and, therefore, influencing its flow. After that, diverse pathomechanisms are developed, causing illness.


In the present text, we are exploring all this pathomechanisms. You may be interested to read it. It is short but intense. Regards!


Eduard Genís Sol.